Benefits of Choosing Premiere Concrete Coatings

Better than Concrete

Stronger, cooler, and more beautiful than concrete. We find it hard to choose not to add Premiere Concrete Coatings to your life. The innovative system is:

  • Appliable to walls, countertops, basement floors, pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, and steps.
  • Backed by a 10-year limited material warranty against dramatic discoloration, delamination, and general product failure which includes the product breaking or cracking.
  • 1/8″ thick, barely noticeable on an exposed surface but still retains the 7000 psi rating.
  • Able to cover existing cracks, bumps, dips, and scratches in the concrete.
  • Able to be applied quickly, perfect for fast-moving businesses and living areas necessary to use during construction.
  • Up to 40 degrees cooler than concrete, 30%-40% cooler than epoxy stone, 50% cooler than vinyl or urethane, 40%-50% cooler than wood decks, Up to 40% cooler than carpet, 50%-60% cooler than terrazzo, 40%-50% cooler than tile, 20%-30% cooler than brick.
  • Not affected by most chemicals, but still very easy to clean.


Don’t forfeit the gorgeous look of marble or granite because of the expensive price tags. With PCC, anyone can have a gorgeous walkway, driveway, patio, countertop, or pool deck, and avoid the over-pricing. We want to make our products accessible to anyone, and we are determined to work with you and find the perfect coating. By making our products affordable and keeping the same, if not better quality compared to other stones, everyone can have a beautiful coated floor (even corporations!). No matter 1 sq. ft. or 1,000 sq. ft., Premiere Concrete Coatings guarantees a stunning coated floor for the most affordable price. If you would like for a coating proffesional to give you a free, no obligation quote, then you may visit the estimates page or contact us to arrange an appointment.


Your house is full of your own aesthetics, and Premiere Concrete Coatings want to give you freedom to express your creative side. Want a special logo on the center of your floor, or even a replica Hollywood star of fame? Premiere Concrete Coatings can create virtually any design! Being unique is a specialty here at PCC, and we want to see your imagination explore endless possibilities. Or, choose between 50+ of our beautiful pre-set designs such as stone, marble, brick, tile, masonry, or granite; and of course, made with the colors of your choosing. From blue bricks to sparkly gold terrazzo, PCC is dedicated to making sure that the work is done beautifully, with full customer approval. Take a look at our photo gallery to see a taste of what we are capable of.